Heart Meditation

“an Unencumbered Heart”

Begin by coming into a comfortable sitting or lying position.

Take a few slow, gentle deep breaths, and then release gently.

Ask your mind to relax the muscles of your face, specifically around your eyes and your mouth.

Observe how your facial muscles respond to this gentle request.

This is the power, with a focused relaxed mind.

Now ask the muscles of your back to relax, your chest and abdomen to soften, next your legs, now, feel your hands soften, observe the way your body responds to gentle focused direction.

A calm mind can make suggestions and the body will respond. Notice and observe the way the body responds to your gentle requests.

You have the power to focus, you have the ability to focus on what you wish to focus on, in a world that is so busy around you, in a world that is so full of distractions. It is easy to forget your centre, your heart. In a world that is so full of attachments to things, to people, to ideas and beliefs.

It is easy to forget the heart, the centre of who we really are. In relationships that are stuck, full of wounds, attachments and reactivity… it is easy to forget the heart space.

It is important that we learn to take time out of our days to confront attachments and beliefs that can sometimes keep us stuck and focused on ideas and pull us away from our divine heart space. When we remember to take time out of our day to connect to the heart, the centre of our being, it allows us to gently release our mental attachments to ideas and beliefs that keep us stuck.

For the remainder of this meditation, I ask you to suspend all beliefs.

Imagine floating in a bubble of liquid gold.

Imagine you are submerged in liquid gold energy that is being transfused into every cell of your body.

Imagine letting go of every belief that you have about yourself and others.

Imagine letting go of every belief you have about god, religion, races, colours.

Imagine releasing every belief you have about success, prestige, beauty, wealth, poverty. Imagine just being.

Imagine your heart beating for the purpose of simply keeping you alive.

Imagine an unencumbered heart.

Imagine your heart feeling enough.

Imagine your heart never having to measure up to any standard or belief set by you or some external influence.

Imagine your heart feeling good enough.

Imagine yourself looking in the mirror and talking to your heart and telling your heart, you are enough.

Place both hands in the centre of your chest, to feel your heart beating. To feel the rhythm of this divine organ, desperately trying to keep you alive. Feel your heart, wishing your mind to see it, to feel it, to honour it. Feel your heart space grow in appreciation for the time you have deliberately chosen to heal. Feel the joy within your heart space, feel the love within your heart space, feel the life force in your heart space. Feel the healing power of an integrated body and mind.

Know that you have the power to heal your heart space, it has been within you all along. The body, the mind can communicate amazingly well when a channel is opened. The power to heal is found in the silence, in the stillness in the oneness. It is time to change the way you speak to your heart.

Every thought you think, the heart feels, every criticism of yourself or others is like a nail plunging into the heart space. When you criticize yourself, you injure the heart space, when you criticize others you injure the heart space. The heat is the organ of love, we must choose to speak the language of love and light internally and externally.

It is not our fault that our heart has been wounded and that deep within the subconscious mind we have learned to speak to ourselves in similar ways to the ways we were spoken to as children, but we are no longer powerless and we are no longer children.. we must learn how to honour our heart space.

Feel your heartbeat, feel life force acknowledged, feel your divinity flowing through every cell of your body. Ask your heart to please forgive any moment that you have disconnected from the heart space. Feel how your heart naturally forgives and wishes only for you to feel love.

Imagine now any negative energy that has been held in this heart space by people you have loved and trusted being released. Feel your heart open, feel it grow, feel the energy within your heart space expand.

Quietly now say, thank you, thank you, thank you, your heart is an organ that is always willing to forgive, it is the mind and the attachments of the mind to the idea that letting go is giving up. It is the mind and its attachments to right and wrong, black and white, it is the attachments of the mind to beliefs that make free will impossible.

Imagine liquid gold energy healing you, integrating you on every level of your body and mind. Feel the heart and the mind become one. Feel how the heart in its original state at conceptions at birth was pure love and light, unattached.

Remember the mind of a newborn with no beliefs, no attachments, only love. The only belief anyone needs is to believe in oneself and humanity. Imagine the whole world full of people who know they are enough and are unattached to ideas, separation and judgement. Only love exists, you are enough, I am enough, we are enough.

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