Yoga Indulgence


Workshop Description

Imagine yourself in the most relaxed state with no interruptions no expectations and simply being within your internal home. As you enter the room you will be invited to soak your feet in a soothing foot bath, followed by a foot massage.

You will then be guided into restorative yoga practices which will help you to welcome in feelings of groundedness, feelings of wellness and feelings of wholeness. This is an essential part of nourishing yourself and in the practice of nourishment you can self-regulate and self-heal.

This is a day for you to journey home, back to yourself and remember as well as welcome parts of you that may have gotten left behind in amongst a busy world. To conclude you will receive a fascial while you are in an opening restorative posture, soaking in the nourishment fully.  And if this hasn’t been enough indulgence…

We will conclude the day with the most indulgent of chocolates and chai tea as well as some time for deeper conversations and sharing.

This workshop is open to all abilities and ages.

Workshop Content

Welcome to Yoga Indulgence. The day includes:

  • Foot spa and massage
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation
  • Essential Oils and Sprays
  • Chai Tea and Chocolates

Workshop Details

Dates:  TBC

Location:  TBC

Times:  TBC

Investment:  $120