Meet Gena Kenny

Gena Kenny has taught yoga for almost 20 years; she has also authored the top selling ‘Gift of Yoga” book and dvd (amazon, amazon australia). Gena created and ran a successful yoga studio called Ohana Yoga, for just over 10 years. In addition to the yoga studio Gena hosts Adventure and Yoga retreats in Hawaii, Fiji and some local retreats in Australia. Gena has created four different training courses with a focus of restorative and yoga therapy continued education for yoga teachers, adventure and yoga retreats, .

Gena’s style of teaching is available to everyone and will support those who are working to overcome chronic pain and injury or illness as well as those who simply want to learn how to reduce tension and stress in their lives.

The practices are not only for other yoga teachers, but also for movement therapists, or yoga students who just want to learn more about themselves. You can now join in from anywhere in the world and learn more about restorative yoga from gena with her new ‘online’ classes. Be present for the teachings or receive them as a recording to view at your own convenience. For bookings simply click on the link that you are inspired by.

Gena is now an assistant to Donna Farhi in her intensives and workshops.

Gena’s Story…

Gena discovered yoga through an injury in her previous career as a firefighter. Most people are surprised to find out that Gena’s first career was working as a firefighter. She has been a pioneer for women in the fire service, she was able to overcome and conquer a grueling physical agility test in California to become the 3rd female to enter the Rancho Santiago Fire Academy. After graduating as a certified level 1 firefighter, she moved to Australia. In her first 15 years of living in Australia she worked as a firefighter for the Melbourne Fire Brigade; again, leading the way for women to join in among the ranks as she was one of the first six women to work in the MFB.

Through her career as a firefighter she incurred many injuries simply due the extraordinary physical nature of the work; this was her path to yoga.

Having lived with chronic pain for many years through a torn disc, Gena is a living example of how effective the practices of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy are for moving out of a chronic state of pain. She believed that pain would be a part of her life always but after applying these practices consistently over time, she now lives pain free. She has returned to her sport of outrigger canoe paddling; she is back in the gym weight training and believes that without these practices this would not have been possible.


  • 500 hour RYS with Satynanda trainer Jilda Liddicut ‘Gaia School of Yoga”

  • 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi

  • 40-hour Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training with Jennifer Reis

Continued Training and Courses:

  • 12-hour Psoas Workshop with leading expert in Core Integrity Liz Koch

  • 12-hour Fascial Workshop with Thomas Myers author of Anatomy Trains

  • 14-hour course “Explain Pain” with Butler/Mosley

  • 12-hour Trauma informed Yoga with Bessel-van-der-kolk

  • 300-hours of intensives (continued training) with Donna Farhi

  • Yoga for Lower Back Health: keys to sacroiliac stability + ease of movement

  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain

  • Anatomy of a Centred Body

  • The supportive Psoas & Sequential Flow

  • Post-Lineage Pedagogy

  • The Yoga of Sensory Awareness