Work With Gena

The principles of Gena’s teachings honour each person’s own journey and physical differences. Through her teachings, you will learn how to recognize and feel your body’s patterns of movement; you will come to understand the feeling of ‘imbalance’ and how to correct this before things really go awry, you will learn what a ‘felt’ experience of true relaxation is. Over time as you develop a greater felt sense of awareness, you naturally cultivate greater self-care.

Gena will offer a blend of restorative yoga, somatic movement, meditation and fluid body movements.  You will learn practical and simple ways to feel better and move more freely.  You will also cultivate greater felt sense awareness through her guided meditations and body sensing practices.  Her classes are deemed more like ‘yoga therapy’ than a general yoga class. You will find her approach gentle and informative as she brings her soothing voice, kind nature and knowledge of trauma-informed approach to all her teachings.

Students describe that they appreciate the education which is offered during the practices as well as the way in which she guides them into a state of deep relaxation. 

Students who have come to Gena’s classes with various medical or physical issues such as chronic fatigue, M/S, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, those in various stages of cancer treatment have all shared a journey of moving into a better state of living through these practices which are deep, profound and very healing.

In addition, one of her unique offerings is to share a poem or inspiring quote at the end of the practice, everyone always looks forward to this meaningful end to the class.