Deep muscles and functions of the spine

When tight for an extended period, it can hold you in the ‘fight or flight’ side of the nervous system, keeping you in a state of alert, leading to adrenal fatigue and possibly lowering the function or turning off the immune system altogether.

Basic Nervous System Functions

Where attention goes, neural firing goes and energy flows.  We have the capacity to make change throughout focus attention and energy moving throughout the whole body. 

Embodied Feet Practice

Our relationship with the ground is an essential part of our reality checking system, as well as feedback through the body to the brain with relation to ground, gravity and space.

Mudra Meditation

The simplicity of this mudra, resting one hand in the other demonstrates that unity is not some distant dream of awakening, but is always present, waiting to be recognized as the very essence of our being.

The Fluid Body

Fluid movement is essential in our ability to not only move well but also to innovate and create. 

Proprioception and what is it?

Skeletal proprioception informs us of our relationship with the earth’s gravitational force every second of life; like a buoy in the ocean, we respond to its flux.