Mudra Meditation

Bhairava Mudra – For experiencing Unity

The culmination of meditation is the experience of freedom and unity as expressions of our true being. Freedom is characterized by a knowing that we are absolutely whole and complete, independent of anything that is occurring within our personality or our surroundings. Unity is the recognition that we are one with everything, an integral part of life’s ever flowing stream.

Bhairava is the ‘fearsome form of Shiva’ who destroys the veil of ignorance that obscures our inherent freedom. Bhairava also refers to the bliss of unity that is experienced as limiting conditioning is released.

The simplicity of this mudra, resting one hand in the other demonstrates that unity is not some distant dream of awakening, but is always present, waiting to be recognized as the very essence of our being.

Sit comfortably and rest your right hand gently on top of your left hand.

Allow your breath to begin to move downward towards the base of your body and the earth. As you direct the breath and awareness into the lower region of your body you cultivate a sense of grounding and stability.
With greater grounding and stability, your breath naturally becomes more slow and serene, cultivating a sense of peace deep within.

Next sense the breath expanding into your chest, side ribs and upper back. As the breath flows easefully into the centre of your being, sense yourself welcoming your thoughts and feelings with more lightness and ease.

Now allow the breath to move upwards into your upper chest, neck, face and head. Allow your awareness to rest at your brow centre. Focus on clarity, begin to witness all that arises in your mind and body with equanimity, simply witnessing.

Next sense the breath moving throughout all of you, allow a feeling of deep integration to all of the dimensions of your being. Experiencing body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

Finally, feel into the subtle pauses in between the two phases of your breath; sink into the stillness of these pauses. Move more deeply into the stillness and feel the peace within, acknowledge this deep peace as a reflection of your essential being whose very nature is unity.

Mantra to close (repeat x3)

“I am inherently whole and complete, just as I am”.

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