Change Your Perception Of Ageing


Workshop Description

As we age, in western culture especially, there is an expectation that the body will become less fluid, that we will have drier skin and brittle bones, that we will be mentally less functional, and our movement will become compromised. Is this a normal process of ageing? Or, are many of these attributes we ascribe to the ageing process not ageing, but a disease process that the body is going through?

We all have someone in our life that fits this image of getting older and tighter and decrepit, but this is not how we have to age. The limitations that we think are due to the lack of suppleness are the result of habitually contracted muscles that lead to unbalanced movement. This in turn, leads to new limitations on muscles, which we avoid using to preclude discomfort or pain. The vicious circle leads to deformation of the skeleton, spinal discs and so on.


What if you could age with more fluidity and ease in your body? How would it feel to have free movement and suppleness in your body no matter what age you are?

When we remain connected to our fluid body, we allow the body to remain in a state of renewal. When the body is in a state of renewal rather than a state of decay, you move with more ease. All levels and layers of you benefit from a connection to your fluid body; your muscles, bones, organs, glands and your cells thrive in the fluid body state.

Come explore movement, breath and your state of mind to discover how to reclaim the fluidity of your body and change the way you age. 

Ageing as we think of it is a ‘myth’ – Thomas Hannah (somatic movement pioneer)

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