Mudra, Mantra & Meditation


Course Description

This course will take you on a journey of your subtle body using Mudra, Mantra and Meditation. 

We live in a sea of sensation.  Our ability to sense the world within and around us is extraordinary. We have a huge array of sensory receptors throughout our body that can exquisitely reveal subtle internal states, as well as continually inform us about our environment. Most of this information comes from our general senses; hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight – however our felt sense awareness is often less recognized.  Felt sense awareness entails an entirely different kind of awareness that doesn’t involve cognitive processes. Its intuitive and more about feeling how you are, sensing others, and feeling your environment. 

How aware are you of your body? 

How do you feel it?

How often do you inquire into yourself for answers, guidance or support? 

How often do you listen to what you discover or sense?

These are all questions that we will unravel in this deeply moving course on the greater subtle dimensions of your being.  As we deepen our sensitivity the practices of mudra, mantra and meditation open a doorway to a subtle realm of magic and beauty.


All of the courses are now available as an online training – be present for the teachings or receive the recording to view at your convenience.

Course Content

The course will cover the following:

  • Mudra’s – The science behind the mudra
  • Mudras – how to use mudra for health on all levels
  • Mantra – The science behind the Mantra
  • How to integrate mantra into your practice
  • How to introduce mantra to your classes/students
  • Meditation – the science behind meditation
  • Body intelligence meditations
  • Body Wisdom meditations and integrating of mind/body connection
  • Traditional Buddhist meditations
  • Integrating meditation into your daily life and into your general classes

Course Details

Dates: June 12th & 13th, 2021

Times: 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm both days

Location: online course

Investment: Fee $295 includes a comprehensive manual and resources on video.

This course is the icing on the cake to my other 3 Restorative training’s however, you do not have to have completed the other courses to gain wonderful knowledge on the subtle body that will be offered in this course.