The Fluid Body

I can feel the waters of my eternal ocean beckoning to me with sweeps of wave motion. . . . My head disappears under water, my hands become a blur, my ‘body’ is permeable, and my skin no longer wraps around me. I am this water. I am these waves .
— Emilie Conrad

I would like to share more about Continuum, the movement practice developed by American Emilie Conrad. Continuum’s central teaching is that all fluids in the body function as one integrated “intelligence” and that they are in concert with all fluids in the environment and atmosphere as well as the cosmos.

Fluid movement is essential in our ability to not only move well but also to innovate and create.  Enhancing our fundamental fluid movement creates the ability to enhance human potential.  All the fluid of our bodies, the galaxy and the universe – function as one giant whole… a body of intelligence.

The continuum practices offer certain questions…What is the body for?  What are we doing here? The body is moving and has stabilized in order to move on this earth, and movement is what we are, not something we do.  Consider that the human body is an accrual of millions of years of evolution. It is an expression of a planetary process.  The first sign of the vertebral core was seen in the sea slug which is 400 million years old – so the embryo is carrying a 400 million year vertebral core.  Our Organs are still undulating with the tides of the sea.

Other questions to ponder include; In what way do we become self-limiting?  Why do we have 75% water within our organism?  Water anywhere in the universe is resonating with all water. water in the galaxy, planet and our bodies is in a resonate stream of intelligence. an umbilical cord.  The cord feeds. we are fed through this resonate stream. when the water within us becomes atrophied or deflated, we have lost resonance.  We are swimming, even though we are moving on land.  Our fluid body has no boundary, regardless of what we call the fluids. 

When you ask a question, you become the questions. You don’t need to know the answer, but it opens your stream of awareness.    The fluid body speaks to us in waves or spirals and therefore, movement is the message ‘and’ the messenger.  The movement that speaks in spirals and waves not a language – returns the body to the sea – creating wave-like motion for healing. 

We can get locked into forward movement in this current culture of driving, sitting in front of a computer, even walking is forward. so, our tissue will accommodate that forward thrust. but it will develop certain information in that direction – and that is very limiting.  The potency of the system is in its elaborate scope – not in the forward thrust.  Most therapy, fitness programs do not acknowledge the different tissue organizations or the fluid body.   When we look at an octopus, the fluid is orchestrating itself in the octopus… we can also do that.  We can move to a pre-vertebral orchestration. the less form there is the more information flow.  The structure of fluid will influence the structure of the cell.  When we enter a wave capacity, the potency of the self-increases and becomes negotiable as it is not held in a boundary.

structures held together by fluid.  Entropy (ageing) the incoherence that occurs in the ageing process (balance, mind, shrivelling up) – that kind of ageing is not necessary. In a fluid system that can expand its structure through the fluid choreography of tissue.

The sense of discovery helps us to age well.  As we open to a new way of thinking and being.  We often do not see outside of our brain (our patterning, conditioning, learning).  We see ageing as something that will tighten, constrict, deplete and shrink us… but it doesn’t have to. If we can remain connected to our fluid body, we can age very differently.    Shapes that are new open pathways… exploration is a sense of discovery. Exploration takes us away from ‘obedience school’ where we are simply told how to move our bodies and instead, we move into discovery and feeling of our bodies.

“The sense of discovery is one of the greatest neurological enhancers that there is because there are no limited walls in discovery”.  The moment I open to discovering, I have no walls in my world.  The more controlled the world becomes, the more limited we become. Any closed system will become pathological – any group of people, the pattern of movement, anything that is expressing the same information pattern will decay.”

The primary experience of the organism is a sense of discovery.  The moment I can discover, I have no walls.  In order to self-regulate, the body needs to shift its program, change the rhythm, slow down, it’s not rest that we need, but a slower more responsive rhythm.

The body is an ongoing process. we are a living process. when the body is in a state of renewal, and not decay – ageing is very different.  Consider that a fluid system is a more resilient system.

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