Yoga For Spinal Care


Workshop Description

Your spine is at the centre of your movements. This workshop is about finding ways to soften and release these holding patterns. You are invited to spend this time learning and practicing unwinding, easing your holding patterns. During this workshop you will learn ways to soften and free your spine neck and shoulders. The freedom, ease and softening in your spine can then radiate out to your shoulders, neck, arms, hips and legs. If you would love more freedom in your spine, back, neck, shoulders or elsewhere please join us for these gentle guided movements.

You will be exploring in a warm, friendly environment lying on comfortable mats. You may be someone who has ongoing tightness or in your back, spine, neck, shoulders or jaw. These areas tighten up when we’re under stress, strain or overworked. It is easy to lose our natural connection with our ease, fluidity and resilience. This workshop is designed to bring you back to a place of ease, efficiency and graceful power.

This workshop is open to all abilities and ages.

Workshop Content

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Find easy and enjoyable ways to free your spine, neck and back
  • Explore the ease in your breath, shoulders, arms and legs
  • Reconnecting with easy, effective movement
  • Experience more balanced musculature, more power and strength without strain
  • Experience softening and balance of the muscles throughout your body
  • Exploring the effects of your emotional, mental and spiritual states as your body softens

Workshop Details

Dates:  TBC

Location:  TBC

Times:  TBC

Investment:  $75